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Henhouse Prowlers


The Henhouse Prowlers strive to play bluegrass the way it was meant to be played. Traditional vocal harmonies, hard driving instrumentals, sincere lyrics, and in keeping with the standards set 50+ years ago, the Prowlers perform around condenser microphones and wear neatly ironed suits to accompany their cracking smiles. The effect of this setup draws a crowd in to an intimate performance that is virtually unmatched in the Chicago area. While standard bluegrass songs are a significant part of their sets, it's the original tunes and lyrics are frequently requested by the audience. Songs of reverence for the way things used to be, combined with stories of contemporary frustrations leave a lasting impression on any audience member listening.

Bluegrass music runs through the roots of this culture, touching nearly everyone that comes in contact with it. Combine that with the talent that courses through the Henhouse Prowlers and you've got one powerful group of musicians.

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