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Tattoo You

The Rolling Stones are arguably the greatest rock-n-roll band of all time. Countless number one hits and decades of sold out shows have made The Rolling Stones’ songs timeless masterpieces. Seeing the Stones perform their songs live can be as high as two thousand dollars a ticket. Maybe dropping a couple of grand on a night of live entertainment seems a bit unreasonable. It’s OK, Tattoo You is live at Mary’s to save the day. Hear all of your Stones favorites performed by the top Rolling Stones tribute band in the country, Tattoo You, live at Rockford’s oldest bar. Tattoo You is based out of Rockford and takes their tribute to the Stones very seriously. Obsessing over sounding like the Rolling Stones has made Tattoo You one of Rockford’s most sought after bands. Members of the group have seen the Rolling Stones live many times to perfect the moves and sounds of the Stones. Tattoo You really is the next best thing to seeing the Rolling Stones live, and their live show is definitely a can’t miss event!

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