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December 5, 2014

James Brown's Funky Drummer Tonight Live at Mary's with The Major and Freddie Crawford!

Clyde Stubblefield - Stubblefield laid down the beat forJames Brown's biggest '60s hits. Stubblefield helped drive such seminal Brown funk-fests as Mother PopcornCold Sweat,Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)I Got The Feelin', andFunky DrummerStubblefield's famous break on the latter has been reappropriated so many times that it's earned him the unofficial title as "the World's Most Sampled Drummer."Stubblefield grew up in Chattanooga, TN. He began playing drums as a child, beating on tin cans, pasteboard boxes, and whatever else he could get hold of. After leaving Brown around 1970, Stubblefield settled in Detroit briefly, then Madison, WI.Stubblefield still plays with the reconstituted JB's, and is the drummer for humorist Michael Feldman's show, Whad' Ya Know, on public radio. He also freelances with groups based in Wisconsin. 

The Major Hamberlin - This legendary pianist has been performing in the Rockford area for over 4 decades. The Majorcame up through the Rockford music scene in the 60's performing with legendary groups, The Rhythm Kings and The Daze and Knights. One thing is for sure The Major's command and skill on the keys is unmatched, and his style and artistry is absolutely brilliant!! 

Freddie Crawford - Freddie has worked with such highly-acclaimed artists as Eric ClaptonMick JaggerStephen Stillsand Taj Mahal. This 7-string bass master will make you move and is well known for giving phenomenal live performances. 

StubblefieldHamberlin and Crawford are some of the most gifted and talented live performers on the planet!! When these three masters come together to create music at Rockford's oldest bar you know something very special is about to happen!!

Cheap Drinks and Good Times!

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