Mary's Place Bar
Vinyl Voodoo
Mondays and Wednesdays at Marys (10:30 - Close)

The oldest bar in Rockford is proud to present Vinyl Voodoo every Monday and Wednesday night starting at 10:30pm. Vinyl Voodoo is an opportunity to listen to some of the greatest music ever recorded, past or present, being played through a state of the art sound system on vinyl, the way recorded music is meant to be heard.

Bring some of your favorite albums to be played or just, kick back, have a drink, and listen to an experienced host play from an amazing archive of some of the greatest vinyl ever pressed. From extremely rare limited pressings to multi-platinum international smash hits, and everything in between, it can all be heard at Mary's Place every Monday and Wednesday night. Playing records, hanging out, and great spirits makes Vinyl Voodoo a Mary's classic.

Established 1919
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